Feeding a child works miracles


JAM's Work in Angola

In 1991, JAM was asked by the Angolan government to provide emergency nutritional relief in the country. Despite the resumption of the civil war shortly after arriving, JAM remained in Angola and our operations are concentrated in the province of Benguela. JAM Canada implements two programmes in the country: Nutritional School Feeding and Agricultural Development.

Through its Nutritional School Feeding Program, JAM Canada has supplied Corn Soya Blended (CSB) meals to over 300,000 children in partnership with the United States Agricultural Department (USDA) through the McGovern-Dole Grant. An exciting development in 2014, has been the willingness of municipalities within Benguela and Kwanza-Sul Provinces to fund and share the cost of implementing its school feeding program in several municipalities for 87,000 children.

Angola has one of the highest child mortality rates in the world, with many children suffering from chronic and severe malnutrition. JAM helps eliminate malnutrition by providing life saving milk formula to six clinics. Through a local partner organisation, Humana to the People (ADPP), JAM helped develop hundreds of school gardens and trained 1500 educators between 2009-2014.

JAM's programmes in Angola are the building blocks for a sustainable future and provide a buffer against climate and social shocks that endanger communities. 

Overview of JAM Programmes

Nutritional School Feeding: Supplying school meals to over 300,000 children every school day in 499 schools.

Agricultural Development: Training and establishment of 150 gardens from 2009-2013.

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