What we do today, determines their tomorrow

What we do today, determines their tomorrow

COVID-19 has consumed our world for close on six-months already, since officially being classified as a pandemic. In this time, global economies have shrunk, airlines have closed and businesses have shut down. Sadly, here in Africa, the biggest disaster of all has been the resultant hunger crisis.

Already challenged food insecurity has been grossly accelerated and looks to completely destroy the progress made in terms of Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) – Zero Hunger. According to the United Nations, by 2030, the world could see as many as 840 million people suffering from hunger. Undernutrition continues to plague millions of children as well.

At JAM, our alignment with Zero Hunger is very close to the heartbeat of the organisation, having worked tirelessly for more than three decades in delivering life-saving nutrition.

Our COVID-19 response has included the provision of critical, lifesaving support, protecting livelihoods and building the resilience of vulnerable communities in multiple areas across our seven countries of operation countries. JAM’s response has already touched the lives of over 1,4 million needy individuals and delivered more than 128million meals.

The secondary impact of the virus is clearly evident in the increased levels of malnutrition at our Outpatient Therapeutic Centres (OTP’s) and the increasing need for food in communities already suffering from a host of inequities due to violence, conflict, climate change and natural disasters. The after-effects of this pandemic has further divided the rich from the poor.

The Coronavirus has been one of the biggest challenges in our recent history, and our response must not slow. What we do today, in all our efforts, will determine a better tomorrow.

JAM’s vision to see an Africa that thrives will only be possible through faithful partnerships that keep our dedicated teams on the ground, amongst the people, saving and changing lives.

Swift, purposeful action is needed.

We remain committed to fighting hunger across Africa, and bringing hope to the continent.

Global CEO and Co-founder
JAM International

Partner with JAM today to minimise this awful Hunger Crisis

“Hunger is the world’s most solvable problem”World Food Programme.

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