Unprecedented flooding exacerbates already severely marginalized communities

Unprecedented flooding exacerbates already severely marginalized communities

Thousands of South Sudanese, already faced with extreme hunger and severe levels of malnutrition, are being left homeless and displaced as a result of torrential rain and flooding in this country. Loss of basic household items, food stocks and crops have left an entire community in dire need, adding to an already desperate situation.
Families and starving children find themselves in harsh conditions, with no shelter and in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Roads and farmlands in Pibor are under water as the people wait for the flood waters to recede. Our teams are on the ground ready and willing to assist as the situation allows.

“This is the world we live in, carrying in our hearts the pain of those suffering from serious food shortages and crisis-level malnutrition, and now, this awful flooding. Having served in the Pibor community for a number of years now, JAM has the opportunity to lead an emergency response in this situation. In order to provide assistance in the form of basic shelter and food supplies, JAM requires extra funding. Our ability to bring much-needed emergency aid is dependent on others in order to provide maximum assistance. Every contribution makes a difference.”

Ann Pretorius, JAM Co-Founder and Global CEO

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