South Sudan

South Sudan

More than 5,000 children in Pibor, South Sudan are at risk of starvation and even death, if urgent nutritional assistance is not provided.

A steep decline in funding and an escalated food crisis has compounded the situation in South Sudan, described as one of the worst worldwide. JAM urgently requires funding to sustain our humanitarian assistance in Pibor and save the lives of those facing this devastating situation.

The UN Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) projected that in the period of May to July 2019, a total 6.87 million people (60% of the population) will face a food crisis, with an estimated 50,000 at risk of famine, of which Pibor has been identified as high risk.

JAM is the only NGO providing management and treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) at 16 Outpatient Treatment Program (OTP) Centers spread across Pibor County. Closing these centers will have dire consequences and leave over 5,000 children at risk of death.

The lack of funding places 50% of these centers at risk of closure.

Since 2002, JAM has been working with families and communities in South Sudan especially those internally displaced in the hard to reach areas, to provide lifesaving assistance, increase food security and provide sustainable solutions for various challenges they face.

Unfortunately, continuous conflicts have reversed gains in some locations, but JAM’s resolve to help these communities is unwavering and committed.

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