South Sudan Tree of Life – assist people trying to survive a state of famine

We are growing a Tree of Life for South Sudan!

Why? Because At JAM our staff are passionately committed to assist the families facing unimaginable hardship. We are experiencing first hand that the country is heading for a disaster of huge proportion! We need to do something; we need to raise funds to help more South Sudanese who are living in a state of famine and crisis.

4.9 million South Sudanese were classified as severely food insecure between February and April 2017. This is projected to increase to 5.5 million people, at the height of the 2017 lean season in July.

Acute malnutrition remains a major public health emergency in South Sudan, and the reality of the declared famine.

People have lost their homes, their livelihoods and have no access to food. We captured the hardship of the Thiak family, who were forced from their home and finally came to live under a tree with no access to food. They ate wild fruit from the tree that had next to no nutritional value for their bodies. We called it the famine tree.

The Tree of Life is an art concept where we create a tree of “Life”. The trunk and branches of the tree represent the firm structure that JAM provides to bring life saving help to the South Sudanes people. We have the presence, experience and logistics within South Sudan to be efficient and effective! As we receive donations for South Sudan we will add leaves to this structure and it will grow into a beautiful tree that brings Life to a destitute place.

When you donate to help one person in South Sudan you get one leaf painted on the Tree of Life, with your name added to the leaf. You will get 3 leaves added to the tree for every family that you support. You can donate online on behalf of your family and friends.

Information on our campaign will be posted through our JAM social media, so please look out for our posts on Facebook.

Please do what you can do. All donations add to the results we can bring. The more you give; the greater our joint effort will be in saving lives.

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Feed a Family for a Month $40.00
Feed a Child for a Month $8.00
General Donation - South Sudan $1.00

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