JAM’s development approach

In line with JAM’s vision of Helping Africa help itself, our programmes are designed to provide long-term and sustainable solutions to beneficiaries across the African continent. Sustainability remains key since the continent needs to be able to feed itself.

Small commercial farmers who can produce a surplus above their own needs are essential to building that vital safety net. Once the capacity of farmers is increased, logistics and market chain development are also instrumental to achieving this.

It is on this model that all JAM’s programmes, including water and sanitation, and agricultural development, is based. Many years after JAM was founded, we have reached millions of people in many communities in Africa. By adopting this development approach, we hope to reach more people in need. Our development programmes bring hope to the African countries we work in – where many communities have otherwise resigned themselves to bleak futures.

We Help Africa help itself through the following programmes:

Nutritional school feeding

JAM engages in nutritional feeding activities in communities in need of relief and development assistance. Food is an incredible resource for change and can save lives, improve health, motivates children to receive an education by attending school and engages communities.

The provision of food to improvised communities, schools and clinics remains the cornerstone of JAM’s programmes.

Agricultural development

Agricultural Development remains one of Africa’s best responses to rampant poverty. It provides a mechanism for community development and growth and promotes JAM’s vision of Helping Africa help itself.

JAM engages with communities, schools and small holder farmers to improve agricultural practices, expand land usage and set up agriculture as a viable future occupation.