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Nutritional Feeding

When entering a community, JAM SA begins with food, the most basic of needs, providing a highly nutritious porridge to the children who attend JAM-supported Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres. Every day, the children enjoy a 50 gram portion of JAM porridge in a signature Red Bowl, which provides them with 75% of their daily micro-nutrient requirements.

ECD Centre Makeovers

JAM SA’s Makeover progamme focuses on the upgrading and improvement of Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres in the disadvantaged areas where JAM is already involved in nutritional feeding and other development programmes.

Water and Sanitation

JAM is currently involved in Water and Sanitation programs in Mozambique and Angola, mainly targeting hard-to-reach areas where communities face harsh conditions and accessing clean, fresh water supplies is difficult due to continuing droughts largely as a result of climate change. JAM has been drilling water wells in Africa since 2001 in countries as far afield as Ethiopia, South Sudan, and South Africa.

Agricultural Development

By the end of 2014, JAM SA will have equipped 900 micro-farmers in two Gauteng communities with the knowledge, tools and practical experience to manage and run their own backyard and community gardens. In addition, every JAM-supported ECD centre is encouraged to grow their own food garden to further supplement the children’s nutritional needs and provide an ‘outdoor physical classroom’ to help them learn.