A letter to team OBFF

A letter to team OBFF

Hello team OBFF

We had an amazing summer with the OBFF churches and leaders in Red Deer this year hosted by Pastors Peter and Catherine Nash at the Sheraton Convention Center. This was our best growth day ever in Red Deer and John Burnham, George Woodward and I had a refreshing time ministering the Word of God to the pastors and leaders that comprised the best attended growth day yet.

There were four new members ordained with us on this trip and our fellowship has doubled in the region in the last three years. We were also able to go to Sudbury for a growth day this week hosted by Restoration Church and Pastors Jeff and May. They did a great job serving all our friends in Northern Ontario. Mark Murack, Mike Welsh and I all shared and the folks were, strengthened, encouraged and blessed as they enjoyed the rich fellowship, great meals and time in God’s Word.

We had a board meeting just over a week ago and the directors are all committed to see relationships valued, ministers encouraged and our fellowship reaching out to help one another. Many encouraging reports came in by text, letters and emails from our National conference this year and we look forward to what the Holy Spirit has for us in 2015.

One of the ministries that we initially tithed to when I was asked to lead OBFF was Joint Aid Management. I have been involved with Peter and Ann Pretorius, president and CEO of JAM, for the last 25 years and my wife Cathy has been connected over the last 30 years of ministry. In Johannesburg, we all met to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this incredible ministry. The honour, affirmation and encouraging stories that I heard, convinced me that this is truly one of the best ministries in the world to support as their vision, integrity, commitment and ministry is changing the world that we live in. After the celebration, the International directors from around the world all met in Mabula South Africa to strategize for the future of JAM which is feeding over a million children every day in Africa. I was greatly encouraged by hearing the various regions of the world share their reports and accomplishments made to serve JAM. The Canadian team represented by Pastors Randy and Jill and Cathy and I were also encouraged by the progress the Canadian team had made in 2013/2014 with Jam. Four Canadian churches partnered in May of this year to purchase a tractor for one of the farming projects in Mozambique and we raised the finances between us and now we are helping Africa help themselves which is part of the JAM vision. Today, I would like to present two challenges for you.

By the end of this year, I pledged to purchase another tractor for JAM which will cost $34,000.
A campaign that each of us can get involved with, as well as our churches, is the Christmas feeding campaign. For 65 Canadian dollars, we can feed a child for a year. This is by far the best ministry to help the less fortunate in our world that I know. Think about that for one moment; $65.00 feeds a child with vitamin rich meals for an entire year. Last year in Canada, we had four churches support this project and we did incredibly well. This year I would like to see 40 churches partner with the child feeding program to feed thousands and thousands of children from our churches across Canada. I have packets I would be happy to send out to you from the JAM office here in Windsor. Our church, married children, as well as Cathy and I take the child feeding program on every year and God has blessed our investment. The scripture says, “When you give to the poor you lend to the Lord and He will repay you”.

I assure you that none of the Canadian directors make or take anything out of JAM but we all believe in this ministry and sow accordingly. WCF sows $12,000 monthly to JAM and we take special offerings up for projects throughout the year as well as the Christmas Campaign. Will you join with me? Call Martha today at the JAM office at 519-967-9600 or email her at info@jamcanada.ca

Together, let’s make a difference in our world and in the life of a child.

Rick and Cathy