COVID-19 Appeal

COVID-19 Appeal

The impact of COVID-19 on 1.3 million vulnerable people within JAM’s reach calls for collective and urgent response. Pre-existing drivers such as poverty, food insecurity, epidemics, droughts, flooding, lack of water and sanitation, poor service delivery, low education levels, unequal access to information and civil strife will complicate the effects on these communities. And with the widespread shutdown of schools over 200,000 children are deprived of vital nutritional support. These are children and their families dependent on JAM’s school meals.

JAM will support the most vulnerable communities in Angola, South Sudan, South Africa, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Rwanda and Uganda by:

  • Providing hygiene-kits, soap, water and installing hand-washing stations and promotion of hygiene best practices for communities in rural and urban areas as well as in refugee settlements
  • Providing information relating to the risks of COVID-19, its transmission and how to protect oneself and others
  • Promoting preventive measures and train community members, community-based organizations, leaders and teachers on how to prepare for and respond to health emergencies and epidemics
  • Supporting vulnerable families to establish kitchen gardens and provide vegetable seeds to ensure rural and urban household access to nutrient-dense vegetables during lockdowns and quarantine
  • Ensuring limited contact, social distancing and use of personal protective equipment by staff at all times during the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
  • Providing and distributing emergency food supplies
  • Work with Governments, UN partners, Donors and other NGOs to identify and advocate for innovative and safe delivery of humanitarian assistance during nationwide lockdowns and quarantine

Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value. ~ Desmond Tutu

We are appealing to you to partner with us and reach these vulnerable people.