Children get fighting chance

Children get fighting chance

The tragedy and injustice of a child dying from a lack of food should not happen in 2013. Sadly, cases of acute malnutrition are not uncommon in Africa. It is an injustice that Joint Aid Management (JAM) and its donors are fighting in Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and South Sudan.

JAM distributes lifesaving F75 and F100 therapeutic milk to six clinics in Benguela Province, Angola in partnership with the Saving Moses Initiative – a US based non-profit focused on providing therapeutic milk to malnourished children in Asia and Africa. The milk formulas are used together in stages and are a proven lifesaving treatment.

In South Sudan, JAM does not supply therapeutic milk, but instead implements Blanket Supplementary Feeding (BSF) in Twik East County, Jonglei State, which is distributed to children between the ages of 6 to 36 months. The children are allocated a nutritious 200 g portion of CSB++ (corn, soya plus nutrients) for 150 days during the ‘hunger season’ – a period between March and July when there is very little agricultural production due to no rain and soaring temperatures.

To ensure the success of BSF, a family ration pack is given to a family every 12 days, which is enough food for seven people over a five-month period. The pack contains cereal, salt and oil. JAM implements the program on behalf of the World Food Program (WFP), and it is proving to be extremely successful at identifying acute cases of malnutrition before they develop into life threatening conditions.

Despite the successes of the BSF program, there are still children that are severely malnourished in South Sudan.

Children like Hawa William’s case of malnutrition is a result of him being the eldest. Hawa’s mother, Atong Machar, fell pregnant with his sister, Salaam, soon after he was born, and she stopped breastfeeding him too soon.

Today, Hawa and his sister are stark reminders of the injustice of malnutrition, and how easy it is for it to happen to young children.

JAM and its partners give children a fighting chance against the injustice of malnutrition everyday. Join us in helping more children like Hawa by getting involved in our Nutritional Feeding Programme, or any one of our other programmes. Please contact us on email: for any queries or enquiries.