International Leadership Team

International Leadership Team

JAM International is led by a dedicated team, who are responsible for steering JAM International’s global activities. The team is responsible for overseeing the efficient and effective running of the organisation, as well as increasing the presence of JAM on the international non-profit sector for the benefit of those we serve. Being involved in a range of humanitarian and missionary work means the JAM leadership team is more tuned in to what is happening in the development sector.

Here’s a brief synopsis of JAM International’s leadership team, specifically relating to each of their areas of education, expertise and interests:

JAM Founder and Former CEO

(22.02.1945 – 09.08.2018)

The late Peter Pretorius is the Founder and also served as Chief Executive Officer of JAM International, until his passing on 9 August 2018.

He began his career with his father in the family construction company, gaining invaluable knowledge in the business and expanding his expertise in different trades.

Peter’s involvement in Christian outreach crusades steered him to becoming involved in humanitarian aid work, which led him to the fateful experience in 1984 when he was left stranded at a relief and food distribution center for 10 days with no food and very little water.

Being exposed to extreme hunger, poverty and death at a place that was supposed to provide relief, Peter and his wife, Ann, made the decision to dedicate their lives to alleviate the suffering of the poor, thus Joint Aid Management was established.

The world may have lost a legend and the poverty stricken in Africa lost one of their greatest champions, but Peter’s legacy continues to move forward.

Ann Co-Founded Joint Aid Management (JAM) International in 1984. JAM is a South African-founded international, Christian, non-profit organization. Her husband Peter had a heart-breaking experience while visiting the war-torn and famine-stricken Mozambique where thousands of people were dying as a result of hunger and malnutrition. Peter and Ann resolved to do whatever they could do to alleviate the suffering of the people, and especially the children. This was the driving force to establish an organization focused on emergency relief and nutritional feeding.

Many describe Ann as “Mama JAM” due to her heart for the development of the people of Africa, but she describes herself as “a highly motivated, compassionate and emotional woman, passionate for the cause.” This mother of six, who now has 13 grandchildren, is a true family woman. Ann is gifted with great ability in Administration and Marketing and her contribution in these areas has brought JAM to where it is today. JAM has served more than 1.2 billion meals to its beneficiaries in the past 30 years.

Born and raised in South Africa, Isak Pretorius is the son of JAM Founders, Peter and Ann Pretorius. With 15 years of operational management experience on the continent of Africa, this has helped shape his passion to build strong African businesses and address the diverse needs of African communities, which is at the heart of his life’s work. Having worked across the continent with businesses, governments and NGO’s, Isak has developed an extensive network of relationships at the highest levels.

Previously Isak led Joint Aid Management International (JAM INT) as Group CEO and now takes great pleasure in serving JAM as a strategic advisory consultant, acting President for JAM USA and board member to JAM Canada, Germany, UK and USA.

Isak is also founding partner and CEO of Afriscope, a business offering strategic advisory and facilitation services to businesses and NGO’s wanting to enter African markets, as well as investment banking and capital raising services to African businesses seeking to raise global capital. In his role as CEO, Isak leverages his extensive government, business and international development relationships, as well as business partners in Sub-Saharan African countries, to help unlock opportunities for Afriscope’s partners and clients.

Isak, together with his wife, Terri, and their two children Kiera and Peter, live their lives as ambassadors for the poor in body and spirit.