JAM Canada Welcomes Intern Priscilla Tavares

by / Wednesday, 06 July 2016 / Published in Blog, featured news on homepage

“Hi there! I’m proudly the newest team member of JAM Canada. I have been hired as a summer intern for JAM Canada’s marketing strategy. Not only am I a student in Creative Marketing and Advertising, but I’m a personal trainer too – and this is why JAM International touches my heart.

As a fitness enthusiast, it’s horrifying to see kids malnourished, thirsty, and dying. Nutrition is the largest factor in survival! Without it, our organs break down and so do we. With the nutritious foods I consume on a daily basis, I spend roughly $72 in 3-4 days on meals. It’s incredible to know that $72 can feed an underprivileged child for an entire YEAR with JAM’s help.

I’m honoured to be a citizen of such a kind and giving nation. I want more Canadians to have the realization that I had… to put into perspective the privileges that we are blessed with.

My goal, within the limited time I’ll be sharing with JAM, is to let the nation know.” -Priscilla Tavares

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