Africa making some inroads in the fight against poverty

by / Tuesday, 15 October 2013 / Published in Media, Nutritional Feeding

For decades, organizations around the world, including JAM, have been working tirelessly to alleviate poverty in Africa. JAM has created its own movement for change, which is committed to making Africa a prosperous continent. However, there are still far too many destitute people in Africa and others who are dying of hunger and diseases exacerbated by poverty. The following article, which appeared on the BlouIn News Blog, looks at how, although Africa’s economy is steadily growing, poverty remains high and reports that the future seems bleak. JAM is calling on you to make a contribution towards the fight against poverty – despite the negative reports, JAM still believes we can join hands in carving out a bright future for Africa.

Link: Africa’s growth makes limited inroads into poverty*

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